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\o/\o/\o/ chris-odonnell.com is back online! OMGYAYAYAYAAAAAY!!! I was almost about to give up hope! I'm kind of embarrassed I made such a scene everywhere (particularly on LJ) but I'm just glad and happy and SO RELIEVED it's running again. \o/\o/\o/ (But I'm still searching Sacoor Brothers collection, I still need your help, the great power of internet! ;_;) I'm so going to finish my COD moodtheme this time! ... after I finished the auction graphics. And the goddamn test. And the 150 hours of online video lectures I have to watch/take IN A MONTH*. WTF!

'To-do's/events, June 1-15 edition. It's lovely how far longer my fannish list is than RL. Obviously, I have no life.

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And it's six in the morning here but I cannot go to bed today without posting this:

So I woke up now-yesterday morning to find someone gifted me two month DW paid account. \o/\o/\o/ Seriously, you have no idea how excited I was when I saw the notification. Whoever it is, THANK YOU, I don't know you but I LOVE YOU.

But I just cannot not ask who you are, mystery person. JUST SPILL IT, PLEASE! So that I can hug attack you and send you DW points in return and throw my crappy icons made for you only or something. I only have so many *snort* people I had talked with here on DW, so it's either one of you or is it really one of those 'gift-a-random-user' thing? But I highly doubt it.

And the timing was just perfect. The awesome [personal profile] jb_slasher (and I'm looking at you, too) and I are having Touching Evil rewatch party which is a total fabulous, phenomenal experience, and I was seriously thinking about getting paid account for editing option and easier access. (Also that's why I'm posting this post this late, sorry mystery person. I wanted to thank you way earlier but in between RL and the event I just couldn't find the time to thank you properly.)

But what made me most excited is that there's someone who's kind and awesome that's actually done this, and for me, whether it's random or intended. It just makes me so jolly and happy.

So, thanks so so so much again mystery person, and if you decided to tell me who you are, it's even more than superb and welcomed. GIVE ME A SHOUT, anytime.


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