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(Sorry I'm spammy since yesterday! I'm in the middle of three days off - not because it's near Christmas, just the national holiday. But we will have a small Christmas party (just for seasonal fun) tonight, so I better do this now.)

I made this sometime - no, *forever* ago (it's already been half a year since then! o.O), and at the time I had no time to do proper post. So it's quite old, also it's not like anyone but me wants or uses it (I'm the one who always needs moodthemes for their obsessions), but I'm still going to post it, hoping there's someone enjoys seeing these tiny pixels. :)

Full Preview | .ZIP (~1.5MB)

100x55 | .png | no repeats | zip includes 132 mood images and adminconsolecodes.txt file

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OMG guys, look what I've just finished making after forever* - COD MOODTHEME! Yep, it's another one of those nobody-but-me-uses things, LOL. But this is what I've been wanting to have in my life for quite a while, and now I can finally use it in its entirety and I'm happy I actually finished something (even though I've got so many *other* things I'd better finish than this) and before his birthday (June 26th - I don't know, to me it somehow seemed important to finish it before the day), so, YAY ME. \o/


Full Preview | .ZIP (MB)

100x55 | .png | no repeats | zip includes 132 mood images and adminconsolecodes.txt file

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Inspired by [personal profile] lunchee.

Make a Donation | OTW Community Survey

AO3 (Archive of Our Own) is a fan-created, fan-run, non-profit, non-commercial archive for transformative fanworks, like fanfiction, fanart (inc. fanmix, wallpapers, fic covers, icons, banners, etc), fanvids, and podfic. And rec list, fandom pimp, fannish essay - anything and everything fandom related. Basically, it's the archive for anyone and everyone who loves fandom/transformative fanworks, writers and readers, creators and their fans, and it offers the chance and place for everyone to contribute and get involved. Hands down, it's the BEST ARCHIVE EVER with the presence of community and interaction, and I cannot imagine my fannish life without it anymore. It definitely and entirely has changed my way of fandom. And they need your help to keep running this fantastic place.

So... how about you make a donation and I'll make icons/graphics for you?

I'm thinking every US$5 for 3 icons or 1 banner. Anything else, please ask! Sorry if this looks rather pricy, but I'm really a slow icon maker and it takes me so much time to finish even an icon, and at the moment I'm on pinch-hit PC that's not mine which makes it a bit difficult for me to use, so this is the best I can offer. I may or may not make more than promised. You can check my previous work under the tags: icons, banners, screencaps, moodthemes. (Oh shit, I don't think I can pull off moodtheme even if you donate worthy amount of money, but if you really want it, please ask me first. :)) I can try making gifs too. Please note that my graphics are rather simple and bland and totally uncomplicated. No manip or fancy texture use; crop, colour (and spend funny amount of time here) and done. :P

You can choose any amount of money to donate, but a donation of US$10 or more confers membership in the OTW, and for a donation of US$50 or more, you get a premium like stickers and mugs and such. (I for one would love one of those!)

How this auction works )

Donation Page

And if you don't have any money to donate but still want to contribute, you can take the survey here. Any help is appreciated, thank you so much!

Also if you want an AO3 invite, please let me know and I'll send you one, because you TOTALLY should get an account there if you haven't already. ;)
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1 year, 11 months 10 months (obviously I can't even do simple maths) and 15 days since when this obsession for one man suddenly possessed me (means I'm still just a newbie in this fandom!), and 2 months since I started using Photoshop and ruining my life by making this, it's here.

Thank you, E, for putting up with me all the time. And thanks again to the lovely [livejournal.com profile] loveliesandlust (no pun intended) for encouraging me to make graphics.

132 moments of Stephen Hart

Full preview, download link and extras )
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So I think I can finally say my Stephen Hart mood theme is now complete -- because all 132 spots are already filled days ago, and no matter how shitty some mood icons look, I don't seem to change or replace them. I'm not satisfied with it, but I think I'm fond of it as the way it is now. Yet, I'm still making new moods or recreating some old ones, one or two par day. It has become some kind of habit, after 2 months of making and thinking of this days and nights and dreams (I'm serious), trying and failing and crying over, I suppose.

This post is to gather 'rejects' and set them in one place, to see/show how they actually look. Maybe somebody will find some of them useful? I don't know. But be warned -- majority of them are really, really bad, that's why they're rejected or abondoned. And there's a silly amount of colour/crop variations too. There's a few I really like, but for some reason those didn't fit in, at least for me. I'll link this as 'extras' for people to see when the theme is posted to the comms for real *is nervous*. New one will be added, if made.

+ Images are unsorted, just vaguely separated in two sections, 'with others' or 'Stephen only'
+ All free to snag & use in any kind of way
+ Please let me know if .zip/.rar is needed


Currently 130 mood icons under the cut [2010-11-17]

And then the boy, the bitter boy, he came to me for rest and healing. He reached in his chest, deep in his breast, held out the heart for me still gleaming. )


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