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OMG guys, look what I've just finished making after forever* - COD MOODTHEME! Yep, it's another one of those nobody-but-me-uses things, LOL. But this is what I've been wanting to have in my life for quite a while, and now I can finally use it in its entirety and I'm happy I actually finished something (even though I've got so many *other* things I'd better finish than this) and before his birthday (June 26th - I don't know, to me it somehow seemed important to finish it before the day), so, YAY ME. \o/


Full Preview | .ZIP (MB)

100x55 | .png | no repeats | zip includes 132 mood images and adminconsolecodes.txt file

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\o/\o/\o/ chris-odonnell.com is back online! OMGYAYAYAYAAAAAY!!! I was almost about to give up hope! I'm kind of embarrassed I made such a scene everywhere (particularly on LJ) but I'm just glad and happy and SO RELIEVED it's running again. \o/\o/\o/ (But I'm still searching Sacoor Brothers collection, I still need your help, the great power of internet! ;_;) I'm so going to finish my COD moodtheme this time! ... after I finished the auction graphics. And the goddamn test. And the 150 hours of online video lectures I have to watch/take IN A MONTH*. WTF!

'To-do's/events, June 1-15 edition. It's lovely how far longer my fannish list is than RL. Obviously, I have no life.

Fannish/semi-fannish )

RL )
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I have absolutely no idea why it even happened but I woke up this morning to find some kind soul out there has given me 2 month of DW paid account time.


*insert crazy happy dance here*

BUT WHY. I HAVE NO IDEA. And honestly I don't think I deserve it. I can't think of anything I've done is worthy enough to receive such generosity. I'm not even that active here as I want myself to be, I have only a few people I've talked and is this another fluke of 'gift a random user'? But I seriously doubt it...

Again, I'm just totally amazed and stunned that someone else has thought of and done it for me. Oh am I feeling the love! JOY.

Whoever my mystery generous person, I don't know who you are but I LOVE YOU DEARLY. And if you feel like to de-anon, please do so then I will send you flowers and chocolates and hugs and kisses and DW points. You deserve them!


;_; & ♥♥♥♥♥♥
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In a mere hope of someone out there seeing this and kindly helping me out...

Long story long, my computer died in March and along with it went all the COD/LL Cool J/NCIS: LA pictures that I had fervently saved. Being fairly a new fan back then (and still is) I hadn't copied them to my external hard drive and everything is lost.

I've finally got a new computer (it's MAY for god's sake), and I want to go back to work on COD moodtheme I was making, so I thought it's time to rebuild my collection. Went to chris-odonnell.com, my main COD resource, only to find out it's now defunct! D: Don't know if it's temporary or not. It's great chrisodonnell.org seems to be up and running again but it barely has anything at the moment, sadly. COD France is an amazing site, but I'd really prefer to have images without watermark if possible... I don't really use Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook and I'm fatally clueless about them. Is any LL Cool J fansite out there?

So I was wondering - if you could share your picture collection/your favourites to help me start my new one, or point me to the right direction, that would be heavenly. Please comment here or PM me or send email to wallflower18 at gmail dot com, ANY and EVERY help is greatly appreciated! I know it's a lot to ask, but I'm getting really anxious and desperate.

(Particularly DESPERATE for Sacoor Brothers collection Chris did - he just looks so gorgeous in that shoot and I LOVE it. I used to have all the pictures from Chris catalog, simply saved them from Sacoor.com (Chris only, Chris with the girl, girl only, kids only, the backstage video they had put on the top page, everything). They run a new collection now and Chris pics/vid are all gone. ;_; Has anyone saved them? Or is there any way to retrieve those from cache or something?)

Also, any recommendations for NCIS: LA related galleries or resources? I never seem to be able to find anything on the internet. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help out the newbie - thank you!
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Inspired by [personal profile] lunchee.

Make a Donation | OTW Community Survey

AO3 (Archive of Our Own) is a fan-created, fan-run, non-profit, non-commercial archive for transformative fanworks, like fanfiction, fanart (inc. fanmix, wallpapers, fic covers, icons, banners, etc), fanvids, and podfic. And rec list, fandom pimp, fannish essay - anything and everything fandom related. Basically, it's the archive for anyone and everyone who loves fandom/transformative fanworks, writers and readers, creators and their fans, and it offers the chance and place for everyone to contribute and get involved. Hands down, it's the BEST ARCHIVE EVER with the presence of community and interaction, and I cannot imagine my fannish life without it anymore. It definitely and entirely has changed my way of fandom. And they need your help to keep running this fantastic place.

So... how about you make a donation and I'll make icons/graphics for you?

I'm thinking every US$5 for 3 icons or 1 banner. Anything else, please ask! Sorry if this looks rather pricy, but I'm really a slow icon maker and it takes me so much time to finish even an icon, and at the moment I'm on pinch-hit PC that's not mine which makes it a bit difficult for me to use, so this is the best I can offer. I may or may not make more than promised. You can check my previous work under the tags: icons, banners, screencaps, moodthemes. (Oh shit, I don't think I can pull off moodtheme even if you donate worthy amount of money, but if you really want it, please ask me first. :)) I can try making gifs too. Please note that my graphics are rather simple and bland and totally uncomplicated. No manip or fancy texture use; crop, colour (and spend funny amount of time here) and done. :P

You can choose any amount of money to donate, but a donation of US$10 or more confers membership in the OTW, and for a donation of US$50 or more, you get a premium like stickers and mugs and such. (I for one would love one of those!)

How this auction works )

Donation Page

And if you don't have any money to donate but still want to contribute, you can take the survey here. Any help is appreciated, thank you so much!

Also if you want an AO3 invite, please let me know and I'll send you one, because you TOTALLY should get an account there if you haven't already. ;)
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I don't even have my own PC or internet connection I've been without them for about three weeks by now what am I I'm living a life of caveman and I really shouldn't be doing this right now but urghhh I just had to post this and squee:

Long Divison; a Touching Evil fic, written by carolinecrane and read by Lunchee

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And it's six in the morning here but I cannot go to bed today without posting this:

So I woke up now-yesterday morning to find someone gifted me two month DW paid account. \o/\o/\o/ Seriously, you have no idea how excited I was when I saw the notification. Whoever it is, THANK YOU, I don't know you but I LOVE YOU.

But I just cannot not ask who you are, mystery person. JUST SPILL IT, PLEASE! So that I can hug attack you and send you DW points in return and throw my crappy icons made for you only or something. I only have so many *snort* people I had talked with here on DW, so it's either one of you or is it really one of those 'gift-a-random-user' thing? But I highly doubt it.

And the timing was just perfect. The awesome [personal profile] jb_slasher (and I'm looking at you, too) and I are having Touching Evil rewatch party which is a total fabulous, phenomenal experience, and I was seriously thinking about getting paid account for editing option and easier access. (Also that's why I'm posting this post this late, sorry mystery person. I wanted to thank you way earlier but in between RL and the event I just couldn't find the time to thank you properly.)

But what made me most excited is that there's someone who's kind and awesome that's actually done this, and for me, whether it's random or intended. It just makes me so jolly and happy.

So, thanks so so so much again mystery person, and if you decided to tell me who you are, it's even more than superb and welcomed. GIVE ME A SHOUT, anytime.
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Also a very messy post. Let's hope this posts!

Contents in this post:
Pimpage: the A-Team, smallfandomfest, Christmas Palooza, random
Icons: 45 <-- Click here to skip my crazy blurbs and get icons

Pimpage: the A-Team, smallfandomfest, festive fun, random )

Icons (finally):

This probably is the suckiest batch I've ever made. I'm so out of iconmaking loop (if I'd ever really in), non of icons turned out decent for a while. To make this post an actual post, I salvaged some very bad ones I ditched long time ago, even. This is also the most random and multifandom batch so far and I'm posting everywhere, so apologies if you've seen this crossposted multiple times. Once again, sorry for the crazy amount of alternates.

And if you need something different (with or without text/animated snow, etc), don't hesitate to ask, it's easy to fix them. I'm also taking Christmas/New Year/seasonal icon/graphic requests. So if you have something in mind, simply tell me your idea and/or throw me pics or caps - I'll do my best to fill them! :)

Fandoms/people included:
Movies: the A-Team (2010), Jurassic Park III (2001), Limitless (2011)
TV shows: the A-Team, Primeval, Touching Evil
People: Bradley Cooper, Sharlto Copley, Jeffrey Donovan, Zach Galifianakis, Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson, Matthew Modine, Liam Neeson, Alessandro Nivola, Amy Poehler


45 icons )
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Icon batch for my latest obsession/total life ruiner, namely The A-Team and its cast (well... BRADLEY COOPER). I know I'm always so late for the fun, but OMG this fandom just OWNS. Amazing, kick-ass franchise with prettiest and awesomest cast (both TV series and the movie), very talented and productive writers write amazing stories, lovely and giving people interact so well. I'm completely in love with it, haven't felt this fannishly satisfied/blessed for a long, long time. *is ecstatic* Another great fandom to hang around! I just wish there'd be more people dive into this fandom so that we could share/spread the fun even more. (And if you're curious - take a look at [livejournal.com profile] ateam_prompts, it's a busy, fun place. ;))

A little pimp at the VERY last minute: [livejournal.com profile] a_tsecretsanta (The A-Team slash secret santa exchange) is open for sign-ups until October 30. So if you're a writer and love The A-Team and slash, hurry up and join the festive fun! :D

Everything is snaggable and credit isn't required. Originally posted here and here at [livejournal.com profile] ateam_prompts.

[65 total, includes insane amount of alternates]
[01-49] The A-Team (2010)
[50-51] The A-Team (TV series)
[52-62] Movie cast related (Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Sharlto Copley and Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson)
[63-65] Touching Evil (US)


64 icons )
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All entries for the CHAOS Big Bang 2011 are now posted at [livejournal.com profile] right_bastards and waiting for you for your reading/viewing pleasure. Come over and have some fun! :D Each link will take you to masterpost.

Title: A Matter of Luck
Author: [livejournal.com profile] faye_dartmouth
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] tekiclutch
Summary: Rick doesn’t need luck; he just needs his skills and his determination and this case will be over in no time.

Title: The One with Ghosts and Zombies
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lymricks
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] wallflower18
Summary: Billy dies, and somehow Michael's week still gets worse.

Title: Truth and Daemons
Author: [livejournal.com profile] leafy07
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] wayward77
Summary: Fusion with His Dark Materials. The right bastards and their daemons.
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Sorry I'm aware I've been MIA... I'm awfully behind on everything again. And my last two weeks or so was like 'CHAOS Big Bang or DEATH' so I've done nearly nothing fannish except working on this project. Will PM, comment, reply, e-mail you once this event is officially over!

So this is my submission for CHAOS Big Bang @ [livejournal.com profile] right_bastards:
Art for the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] lymricks' magnificent story, "The One with Ghosts and Zombies". (ZOMG it's AMAZING. READ IT NOW!!!)

Many thanks to everyone at [livejournal.com profile] right_bastards for making it happen! And [livejournal.com profile] lymricks, I had so much fun reading your brilliant fic and making art for it. I just wish I could provide more 'decent' work that your fic totally deserved. It's been such a pleasure working with you and thanks again for putting up with me!

Banners [4] )


And here's a tiny icon batch that has been rotting in my folder for about a month and half. #1-4 were inspired by "Billy Dreams", an effin' beautiful little CHAOS piece written by the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] lukadreaming. I just love, love, love it. (And oh [livejournal.com profile] lukadreaming, I haven't forgotten your request - but I haven't succeeded in making Billy with his guitar caps work. I'm still trying to make something decent out of them.) #16 is leftover of banner I tried to make for Big Bang and couldn't quite complete.

Icons [16] )
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Fist of all, APOLOGIES for the unforgivable delay! Right after having a lovely BD despite the age I turned (thanks everyone so much for the shiny BD gifts and messages!), all Hell broke loose in RL and it got difficult to focus on anything, and with the combination of LJ issue I fell awfully behind with everything. RL is never cooperative, especially when I'm feeling very creative. But I finally got the screencapping/organising done, also did some iconing, both I'd been desperately wanting to finish/do and that's the progress at least.

So here it is, screencaps of the final episode of our beloved show. No more new episodes to cap, no more Rick, Michael, Casey and Billy. (And no Fay, Adele, Higgins and Blanke...) It's such a great show and part of me still wants to believe it'll be back because it has to be. *sniff* I terribly miss them all.

CHAOS 1x13 "Proof of Life"
2784caps (unsorted) | 1280x720px (no logo) | .jpg
243MB one .zip on MegaUpload
Two .zips on MediaFire (can be downloaded and unzipped individually): one (1,521caps/138MB), two (1,263caps/105MB)

Sample preview:
imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

+ 85 samples )
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I really shouldn't have been making these icons, I have other things to finish first that I promised I'd do and still, I'm making and posting! It's all until Chaos ends, and it will this Saturday *sniffles*, I wanted to post this before that and I'm so sorry.

If you want icons w/text or textless, let me know and I'll remake them (it's easy to fix). Credit is nice because it will help others find the stuff if they want to use it, but not necessary. No hotlinking please and thanks for viewing!

31 total: 22 Chaos, 3 Primeval, 4 James Murray, 2 misc.


Icons )
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I enjoyed the twists and turns of the event and enjoyed both team hobbits (I don't ship them but I like it when Casey and Rick work together) and team giants (Michael and Billy on mission together and play doctors - yes please!), but picture wise, it's pretty much uneventful and uninteresting episode. And there's less caps of the boys than usual and more of Mehrak family. :|

I still cannot - don't want to - believe the series is going to end this Saturday. ;__;

Chaos 1x12 "Mincemeat"
2,393caps (unsorted) | 1280x720px (no logo) | .jpg
193MB .zip on MegaUpload or MediaFire

Sample preview:
imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

+ 50 samples )
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For this banner, I used the caps from 1x08 - 1x11.

Finally! Again, sorry for the delay - I encountered some encoding problem with the 1x10 file and had to switch to VLC. It took me long enough to figure out how to work on VLC and it affected entire organising process for 1x09 and 1x10. For some reason VLC produced so many pixel-y caps and I tried to get rid of these as many as possible, but still there might be some left.

(I really don't mind tackling a couple of Michael/Ray or even Ray/Higgins *gasp* fics after this ep - I'm flexible like that. :P Is there anyone up to provide those? ;))

Chaos 1x10 "Glory Days"
1,880caps (slightly sorted) | 150MB | .jpg
150MB .zip on MegaUpload or on MediaFire

Sample preview:
imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

+ 60 samples )
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"Oooh, I so love that look." ♥ *is pleased*

I'm planning to replace the w/logo caps with logofree ones - I just don't know how many people actually need those and when I'll be able to. But if you want them asap - let me know and I'll do my best. ;)

Chaos 1x09 "Defending Sophia"
2,280caps (unsorted) | 1280x720 HD (no logo) | jpg
197MB .zip on MegaUpload or Mediafire

- The caps are free to use for anything, no need to ask :)
- Credit is nice (it will help others find the caps if they want to use them) but not necessary

Sample preview:
imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

+ 60 samples )
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OH. MY. GAWD. I totally hadn't expected this Billy-fullness in the ep. There has to be 1,789034,567712346,05,98765 newborn plot bunnies and fics after this. Oh, too many possibilities! If I try to see it objectively - okay, not a stellar ep imo, but still nice and fun, as per usual. <3 My apologies in advance - I love the boys all so dearly, but samples are getting all about Billy these days. lol

*IF* there's anyone who's wondering about 1x09 & 1x10 caps - they are already capped, organised and ready to be posted but I've got all psyched about 1x11 and couldn't help posting this first. Will be posting them real soon, sorry for inconvenience and thanks for your patience!

Chaos 1x11 "Deep Cover Band"
2,690caps (unsorted) | 1280x720 HD (no logo) | jpg

Download links:
one zip on MU (2,690caps/213MB)
two zips on MF (can be downloaded and unzipped individually)
opening ~ Gallo's alive (1,471caps/119MB), Boys interrogate Gallo ~ ending (1,219caps/95MB)

- The caps are free to use for anything, no need to ask :)
- Credit is nice (it will help others find the caps if they want to use them) but not necessary

Sample preview:
imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

+ 60 samples )
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I wanted to/decided to like this show before it aired, but now I'm completely in love with the whole show and cast and everything. It seems as if it just gets better every new episode (even with its continuity totally wrecked by the network), and my love for the show explodes. I'm so ready for today's new episodes!

- The caps are free to use for anything, no need to ask :)
- Credit is nice (it will help others find the caps if they want to use them) but not necessary
- I overdid it again and put 84 samples under the cut. Sample pics are fairly small (180x101px) and the page's still pretty light and easy to load for me, but it may be image heavy for you

Chaos 1x08 "Core Fortitude"
2,676 caps (unsorted) | 1280x720 HD (no logo) | jpg

Download links:
>> one zip on MU (2,676caps/205MB)
>> two zips on MF (can be downloaded and unzipped individually)
opening ~ Yacht Club incident (1,313caps/109MB), Casey calls Rick ~ ending (1,363caps/96MB)

Sample preview:

+ 84 samples )
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Last post today, sorry for the spam! Only 44 samples in this post. ;) Will be organising 1x08 tonight.

1x07 "Remote Control"
Screencaps: 2,630 (unsorted)
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: jpg
MegaUpload: one zip (2,630caps/212MB)
MediaFire: two zips (can be downloaded and unzipped individually)
Opening ~ @ Hassan Ohana's appartement (1,368caps/115MB), Luc vs the ODS ~ Ending (1,262caps/97MB)

- The caps are free to use for anything (of course), no need to ask :)
- Credit is nice (it will help others find the caps if they want to use them) but not necessary

+ 44 samples )
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Meet Charlie Preston and Colin Bailey. :D

1x06 "Eaten by Wolves"
Screencaps: 2,379 (unsorted)
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: jpg
MegaUpload: one zip (2,379caps/201MB)
MediaFire: It's bloody 201MB, so two zips on MF. (can be downloaded and unzipped individually)
Opening ~ Break room catfight (1,265caps/108MB), Ballroom dogfight ~ Ending (1,114caps/93MB)

- They are free to use for anything (of course), no need to ask :)
- Credit is nice (it will help others find the caps if they want to use them), but not necessary
- Although sample pics are fairly small (180x101px) I couldn't resist and put 70 samples under the cut. The page's still pretty light and easy to load for me, but it may be image heavy for you

+ 70 samples )


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