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Dear Creators [MM Rares 2015]


Hello fellow rare pair slashers! I'm so grateful and excited that you agreed to write/create one of my rare pairs/fandoms, and for the possibility that there's someone actually like the pairings I love - or at least willing to create something for them - woohoo!

Please know that I would love and cherish anything you create in any one of these fandoms equally. I'm so sorry for the length of this letter though. I also added my tumblr links to each fandom (I 'collect' what I love there, also I tend to talk in tags because it's easier), so that you can have a peek at to recall what [insert fandom name here] was/is like or to get visual ideas - only if you want, of course. Everything I listed/linked here is just for inspiration, not to restrict your muse.

My AO3 name is wallflowering & my tumblr is here. If you have any questions etc. feel free to contact me anonymously here or on tumblr.

First, a few things I'm not fond of in general:
- Worlds where slavery & master/slave relationship is legal/normal/supported by community. Slavery in historical au or in real/present world as a story element is okay, whether it's side or main factor of the story/work, whether the characters are directly involved with it or not
- Extreme gore/body horror

Other than above, any ratings or kinks are fine. All my OTPs are so rare (like yours ;_;)... so I'll love anything you do and I can get. From happy to sad, fluff to gut-wrenching angst, cute-awkward first time makeout to casual one-night stand to pure porn, first time to established relationship, porn with or without plot, or simply gen with hopefully a hint of my pairings. So really, do whatever you want, take things wherever you want!

All my ideas & likes apply to both fic and art or any kind of fanworks. I've made a long list of small/simple prompts or things I generally like here that can be used as a prompt or starter. Pick one prompt + pick one of my ships + take your shot = tada! :D Also, as an artist myself I thought these simple prompts can be useful? But I don't know. But if you choose to capture a small scene from the more detailed ideas I wrote for each fandom - like, Sam & G in Pacific Rim au having a downtime in their bunk, etc - that would be dearly loved too!

NCIS: Los Angeles: G Callen/Sam Hanna, G Callen/Jethro Gibbs, G Callen/Nate Getz, Marty Deeks/Dominic Vail

NCISLA tag | NCIS tag | Sam/G | G | Sam | Gibbs | Nate | Deeks | Dom

I also have NCISLA/Sam/G imagery/inspiration blog which contents probably don't make any sense to many people - it's just a lot of pictures of ocean, Europe countries, or prompts I'd love to get filled for Sam/G, or hipster-ish love quotes or melancholic poetry, etc, but if you feel like it, feel free to take a look at ;)

I'm sorry I'm being picky (or prick-y), but the earlier the seasons the more I love the show & characters. I'm so not crazy for later seasons - there's things or moments I like in later seasons of course, but I don't mind AT ALL if late S4 to latest season (S6) to be erased completely. That said, I don't mind if your work is set in any canon timeline of course! This is just how I see the show. Also any side/background ships are fine, except Sam/Michelle (kaboom). (If it's past or is going to be fixed for me in some way I'm all game.) I'll be perfectly fine with Sam's family/wife YOU create/set up for him - I knew from the start that Sam's married & okay with it & still shipped Sam/G, I was so excited when they introduced Michelle aka the ex-badass agent not the boring housewife, but everything went downhill ever since - I just effing can't with how canon killed so many possibilities while normalizing and downplaying any complications, making Sam & G (or any other team members) just the mirrors of the actors who play them and not the characters with the potential of becoming so much more compelling and original.


(Who said she doesn't like later seasons? I did. And I so don't like this episode either. But I do love this picture.)

☑ Any au's! All the au's! This pairing/fandom severely lacks any kind of au's, so even the au's that would be considered mundane in any other fandoms, they are going to be gem & would be greatly appreciated. I have so many do-want au's such as:

☑ Pacific Rim au/fusion where Sam & G are drift compatible Jaeger pilots and I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER. (NGL that's one of the first things came to my mind when I left the cinema after watching PR for the first time, with the tears streaming down my face, and this idea has been stuck in my head ever since.)

☑ Witness protection au

☑ One of those soulmate au's where everyone has their soulmate's name inscribed somewhere on their body + how Sam/G first met combo: so everything is in canon setting except the soulmate bit, Sam is G's soulmate and G is Sam's, they both have the other's name on their body, the only complication (?) is they haven't met yet and G still doesn't know his name. Imagine orphan!G trying to survive the hard days, looking at his man's name - Samuel Hanna - clinging to the fact that there's a person who's looking & waiting for him somewhere, he's not alone, and when he finds him he's going to find out his own name too. (It's okay if you cry.) But now they're in their thirties and still haven't found each other, so they're probably getting a little desperate. They still work for different federal agencies or military or whatever, and then they get assigned to undercover work on the same case with fake identities, except their agencies are both oblivious to another undergoing operation. Maybe G's already deep in undercover, Sam's a new addition to the crime team, and maybe Sam just can't help but feel a strong, irresistible pull towards this superb criminal. Then after some incidents Sam gets to see G's inscription (without G noticing) and realizes it's his name, this person is his soulmate. (Cue torn!Sam, almost out of his mind he's finally found his soulmate, but lost at what to do, still trying to make this op a success.) Sam eventually decides he needs to make it sure, so when they are alone in private Sam calls G (his must-be real) name to see his reaction, except G's reaction is complete blank - or just super casual, he's just like 'huh?'. Like, Sam just calls G his real name, not has-to-be fake criminal name he's using, but it's like complete blank, he's not even faking it, there's absolutely zero recognition or shock of hearing his real name - and Sam gets *so* confused.

I'm sorry there's so too many, too descriptive ideas! I've had too long time to think, alone in shipping, lmao. Have some casual prompts because I'm always craving them:

Prompt: Imagine person A lightly tracing “I love you” over and over again on person B’s back, assuming that person B is asleep. When person A is lying on their back, getting ready to sleep, person B moves closer and wraps their arms around person A, whispering softly, “I love you too.” Bonus if that’s the first time person A has ever declare their love for person B.
(Convince me this isn't Sam/G?! ;u; Who is going to be person A and who is B is entirely up to you.)

☑ Also, an old prompt that popped up years ago when I was talking with my favorite Sam/G author that could go either Sam/G or Gibbs/G: I once had an idea for a fic where G shows up on Gibbs' doorstep in the middle of the night because he had a fight with Sam, and then Sam (furious) shows up on Gibbs doorstep the next day looking for him, and then Hetty calls looking for her two missing agents, and somehow Gibbs ends up hosting half the LA team.

Gibbs/G (My shipname for them is G² lmao)

So I'm really intrigued also enamored with the fact that Gibbs and G worked together in the past as a (part of) team in Russia/Eastern Europe (SO IMPORTANT), possibly as partners or handler/operative at some point, and clearly were/still are very close. They get each other and they both know that, and what I love about them is even though Gibbs is technically superior to G, they are friends and equal and not really mentor/pupil - at least that's how I see them. (And G calls Gibbs Jethro, after all.) Who G needed when he joined NCIS wasn't someone to tutor him because he was already brilliant/legendary, it was someone who gets him, who knows how to handle him - and in my headcanon they were Hetty (who brought Sam in to matchmake partner up with G), and Gibbs.

When I play with the idea of them being a couple, I generally (but not necessarily) see it as a past relationship in Russia days. Some kind of 'friends with benefits' but not quite; not red-hot passionate but very intimate, built on mutual understanding/trust. And they can also play it casual to fit their need - simply to have some escape during operation without risking it, or seeking company/comfort (in their not so obvious way) to get through a bad day in the line of work or another disaster in their personal life.

But more than anything, I'm just so curious to know what people (YOU) think of them and how you view/take their relationship/friendship. I really would love anything, fluff to gut-wrenching angst, casual one-night stand to pure porn, established relationship (long distance relationship ooh yes <3) to falling in love for the first time (in the past or now after all these years) to starting all over again. Oh and, if one or both of them think it's casual at first but it grows so much more from there - I totally would dig it too.

(And if you need my opinion on Macy - I don't dislike her, but I'm not too crazy about the idea of Gibbs/Macy. I do like the image of G as an awkward kid brother trying to help his foster brother and sister reconcile though. After all, G calls them his family, so :)

Daredevil (TV): Wilson Fisk/James Wesley, Francis/James Wesley, Matt Murdock/James Wesley

Daredevil | Fisk/Wesley | Fisk | Wesley | Francis | Matt

Wimbledon (2004): Peter Colt/Dieter Prohl

Wimbledon tag

Battleship (2012) Alex Hopper/Captain Nagata (Yuji Nagata)

Battleship tag

For the artists - things I love seeing in art (or any fanworks tbh):
- Any kind of carrying - bridal style (!!!), piggyback, person A (or both) is injured and person B is trying to get them to the safe place while dragging/carrying A
- Kissing, cuddling, big spoon/small spoon, smaller person going on tippy toes to kiss the taller one, feeding each other, sharing clothes, peaceful night in each other's company, a day in the amusement park, cooking together, dancing/waltzing (!!!)

Once again, they are just for inspiration/starter. Run wild with your own ideas! :)