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Posting only because I'd be crawling the walls otherwise

~ 'NCIS: LA' Cast Reacts to O'Donnell Directing

This is all over the place and I know you don't need to be reminded anymore but this Tuesday/March 5/TOMORROW's episode (4.17 'Wanted') is Chris O'Donnell's director debut asdfghjkl;:!!! So you all US people, just tune in and please PLEASE make it a blast!

I tried to watch the video but I couldn't - just couldn't, I tried to read the text but even it was impossible, I'm way too nervous. But I've heard that they said really nice things so if you haven't yet I think you should (and tell me about it)? I'll probably watch it sometime on summer or something, after forever.

OOOOMG, I'm all yes and no and no and just no and YESYESYES but NO and I don't know what to think or feel anymore. I've been so nervous ever since the reports and pics have started to pop up and seriously it's been months and I thought I can't be any more nervous but now I'm getting even more and more restless and ball of nerves, yeah yeah I know it's not a big deal everybody does this sort of thing these days but I'm so not ready for this episode for so many reasons, not only THIS reason, oh I'm so happy for him, so happy that this show is giving him all the opportunity and the greatest things to achieve and experience and he's getting and doing the best but OMG it's his director debut whuuuut, oh why did they even think it'd be a good idea he's not built for this why did they even allow him to direct a freakin' TV episode it's like let 4 years old go run first ever errand on his own it's killing me and I just can't and won't watch it anytime soon so you guys need to let me know what it's like and how it went okay? *iz crazy*

And posting Sam/G gifs I made in about... last six months (?? I think some of them are even older), the ones I haven't posted in the communities (most of them are already somewhere in my journal), and the ones I was still able to find, I'm sure there's more but I can't find them anymore lol. Only gifs this time, I know some of you aren't into them at all so sorry about that. And I swore to myself I would make more LA things that's not about Sam/G, any pairings (particularly m/m - because we need more love for the gay love on this show), and I'm still only making Sam/G things. D'oh. /o\ And I thought - it'd be so great if you all could help me with ideas. Throw me any moments/scenes you'd like to be iconed or gif'ed and I'll add them to my to-do list. I can't promise to get anything done sooner as I'm slow ok ok I'll stop but I will do it.

2 gifsets and 6 gifs under the cut, I didn't bother with the spoiler tags so beware. :)

They're so doin' it aren't they?

+ this:

So in sync. ♥




+ just found more prominently b&w one





And this was just out of my photoshop yesterday - COD & LL from 2009 Prime Time Emmy Awards. I was trying to make gifset of smaller gifs but I couldn't resist this:

<333 (I keep telling you, there's something about the way G/COD looks at Sam/LL - pure adoration maybe? And it's simply precious ♥)

And there, I made it even better:

No, I'm not even sorry. XD

I hope you enjoyed the gifs! And remember, NEW EP TOMORROW AND NO TIVO!!!

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Sweetie! Check it out - COD in glasses!

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jhgfdstykuli;ffff I HAVEN'T SEEN THIS ONE! Oooooo...... aaaaaaahhh..........

I thought I was doing great until I saw this. Now I'm NOT and it's your fault! Nnnggggghhhh this man is so going to be the death of me.

(I think you just prompted something again - COD in glasses picspam!)

[identity profile] willwork4dean.livejournal.com 2013-03-07 01:55 pm (UTC)(link)
COD in glasses picspam

Yes please!
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[identity profile] wallflower18.livejournal.com 2013-03-07 04:56 pm (UTC)(link)
:DDD It's coming! (in a few days, lol) I'm putting the pics together and capping a few!

[identity profile] willwork4dean.livejournal.com 2013-03-05 10:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Also, this cracked me up:

oh why did they even think it'd be a good idea he's not built for this why did they even allow him to direct a freakin' TV episode it's like let 4 years old go run first ever errand on his own it's killing me

I will watch tonight and report in!
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[identity profile] wallflower18.livejournal.com 2013-03-06 02:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh do it please! But whenever you can, I don't think I'm going to see it any sooner so there's no hurry. I'm avoiding everything outside LJ - will keep doing it until I see it. (LJ is safe because there's nothing LA related in here haha! *sadface* I can take and read anything on LJ though, good or bad. That's what works for me, always has been. Weird I know!)