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Happy Birthday, Lukadreaming!

Happy Birthday to the lovely lovely [livejournal.com profile] lukadreaming - I hope you have the most fabulous day and this year will be an awesome one for you!

I know you didn't ask for this (or anything), but I do hope you like the result. Also I'm not sure how well this amount of gifs will load on LJ - hopefully they all work with no glitch!

Stephen/Ryan 2 gifs per episode gifset [contains 12 gifs + 1 reject = 130MB worth of gifs]


I was originally going to post this one together with 104's #1, but realised I forgot to gif 104's pointing-the-guns-side-by-side-BAMFs scene, so it didn't make itself to the set. (If you like this one better I can still switch them before publishing the set on Tumblr... :))

I've never made this amount of gifs for one occasion before but making this set was surprisingly feel-good and refreshing, probably because they're the subject I never gif'ed. And most certainly it's for you. Really, it was so fun to make up/fake the scenes XD (I don't know why, 105 ones give me Thomas Bond/Quartermaster Hart feelings... :)) And I know there are so many more good scenes I forgot to pick, so apologies. If you have any particular scenes to you'd like to be gif'ed (any scenes, not only S/R, or not even have to Primeval or JM related), please let me know.

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