wallflowering: From the ET interview September 2014 (LL Cool J: Flawless)
ṧα☂☺ḱα ([personal profile] wallflowering) wrote2013-01-14 11:48 pm

A Happy Birthday and A (late) Happy New Year

Happy 45th Birthday, LL Cool J! (Born James Todd Smith, January 14, 1968)

I have to say that I'm having a blast working with LL. He's a great partner in so many respects and I've learned a lot from him. He has amazing confidence and is always so positive. He's the eternal optimist. — Chris O'Donnell

OMGSWOON. <3 The light of my life, actually! Keep on reigning, my King. ♥♥♥

It was originally going to be a photoset with 10 gifs with tons more his PV and movie/TV roles/appearances but I was completely worn out after [community profile] fandom_stocking (which was totally a wonderful and phenomenal experience btw, I'm so glad I participated!), also I've got a toothache from Hell right after the reveal, my concentration was/is absolutely spotty I had to take an easy route.

(Seriously guys, I can't tell you enough just how beautifully and perfectly and effing amazingly stuffed my stocking is, it's unbelievable. I've got a lovely Stephen/Connor ficlet, a whole bunch of COD pics to drool over, a beautiful The Three Musketeers wallpaper, a podfic of faviconwillwork4dean's Best Man ASDFGHJKL;!!! and a *NEW* Touching Evil fic! *flails* I'm so going to do round-up, once I managed to get rid of this stupid toothache that's ruining fun for me and can concentrate enough to leave the proper feedback on the said AMAZING fic faviconcarolinecrane wrote for me - Creegan/Rivers ZOMG HUZAHHHHH!!!!!! It's my second favourite OTP of the moment you know what my first is lol, nobody but her writes them, but anything and everything she writes is golden I CAN'T STOP CRYING THE TEARS OF JOY OMG.)

This is so late but I wanted to say: Happy New Year everyone! I hope you're all doing well and starting off your 2013 ass-kickingly! To me last year is SO EPIC on fannish life thanks to all the beautiful people I met online (YOU), so thanks again so so much everyone for making it fabulous! On RL side though it was like it's on hiatus that needs to end, and I seriously hope and plan to make the change on it. If your 2012 was great, keep it going this year too and make it even greater, and if it wasn't, let's make it awesome together! \o/

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