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Random post is random

\o/\o/\o/ chris-odonnell.com is back online! OMGYAYAYAYAAAAAY!!! I was almost about to give up hope! I'm kind of embarrassed I made such a scene everywhere (particularly on LJ) but I'm just glad and happy and SO RELIEVED it's running again. \o/\o/\o/ (But I'm still searching Sacoor Brothers collection, I still need your help, the great power of internet! ;_;) I'm so going to finish my COD moodtheme this time! ... after I finished the auction graphics. And the goddamn test. And the 150 hours of online video lectures I have to watch/take IN A MONTH*. WTF!

'To-do's/events, June 1-15 edition. It's lovely how far longer my fannish list is than RL. Obviously, I have no life.

- email B
- collect more things for B and send them
- write back to artist L
- finish watching The Holiday (2006)**
- K's BD!!! (N/S icons? S playlist?)
- finish auction graphics dammit!!!!!!
- contact authors C & W
- ask authors K & D about granting a blanket permission
- comment on AO3 (S's CotD, some of W's work, L's work)
- comment on R's story either on LJ or FF.net (I've never left reviews over there, ever. It's too scary a place for me! >.<)
- finish Chaos logofree screencaps; cap 1x02 & 1x03, sort, post with 1x01 to comms and my journal
- want to do that 'squee week' thing on LJ but need more time
- can I make NCIS: LA kink meme happen? Is such thing possible?
- more COD marathon & post COD list
- really need to watch/rewatch NCIS: LA S1-3 thoroughly/properly
- more feedback on NCIS: LA fic, old or new doesn't matter

- watch/take 75 hours of online video lectures
- 5th Tue: go out with my sister E
- prepare for the test on 10th
- 10th Sun: Eiken test***
- travel plan for my parents *URGENT*
- find/contact English teachers for personal lessons
- plan for job apply for IR

* Seriously, how am I going to finish it while working and doing housework and sleeping? I really need a plan. First thing first, I have to cut back my fannish time, I know, I know...
** We're at 20 minutes to the end credit and both keep forgetting to watch it. /o\ Not that bad movie or boring, just... we've failed to feel the love, I guess. And Jude (and his character) is indeed insanely good looking, but he's just, um, too ideal? Too dream boyfriend/future husband? I know it's a rom-com but still, the characterization/background is hardly believable to mindlessly fall for him.
*** Which I really shouldn't have applied, it's so pricey, it's beyond my language skill and I haven't done any preparation for it, I'm so not ready! D: Also the nearest test place takes 3 hours from where I live! And here I thought I was living near the third biggest city in Japan - apparently I don't. They can't even set the place near the city center, forcing us to go another city. Bugger.

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