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ṧα☂☺ḱα ([personal profile] wallflowering) wrote2024-12-01 06:00 pm
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(Not so) Quick note.

Touching Evil: David Creegan/Mark Rivers (gif © me)

This account is for reading, hardly commenting and joining to communities. I created this journal years ago for my love of fandom. I finally decided to nestle down into LJ DW.

I'm using this journal as my online diary as well. Any post made here will be only for my own reference and written in my native language, so they're mostly locked. Writing journal in English is too much trouble for me and with this serious lack of English writing ability, there won't be many public posts - friends only posts even. I update regularly though, unless I go MIA for some reason.

If you have any question, feel free to leave comments on this post or any other posts, no matter how old they are. I try to check often and not to run. :P

Thank you for stopping by!

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